Cycling from Nancy, France to les Arches, France
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St. Loup sur Semouse
Today is going much better than yesterday, which I'll get to later (briefly). At 9:55 AM August 15, 1997 crossed the divide between the North Sea basin and the Mediterranian basin at 1044 km between Les Arches and Plombiers les Bains. Tout les jour les bon temps, normal great weather and much less humidity today.  A long climb to begin with, then following the Augronne, Semouse and Batard down to Vesoul. White roads all the way today.

This hostel is right on the city lake and the whole region has turned out for a giant fireworks display after a sunny day at the beach. Today is August 15, the feast of the assumption and the biggest weekend of the summer. I've been lucky and been able to book into Besancon, Pontarlier, and Le Rousses without waiting, so I should reach Geneve by Tuesday or Wednesday after touring the Jura and Haut Doubs.