Cycling from Montargis, France to Vezelay, France
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Cycling from Montargis, France to Vezelay, France

Another fine day of Cycling in France!

The next hostel to the southeast was in Vezelay, not so long as the day before. I left town on the D163, then the C1 south to Vezelay Street Amilly, riding the D943 for a while along the Ouanne to St. Germaine-des-Pres. A very enjoyable cruise along  the C1 through Melleroy and Fontenouilles, then the D198 into Charny. An excellent yellow climbing to the source of the Ouanne at the town of Ouanne and down again to the Yonne on the D950. Being able to follow this same route for 62km sure simplified things and left time for a salade verte al fresco in Toucy. The divide between these two rivers offers a fine view from the heights of Courson-le-Carrières (219m).

At Mailly-la-Château the D130 crosses the Yonne and then south on the D123 and by two o'clock I was nearing Vezelay on the second hot and sunny day. Now I could see the mini mountain on which the old town stood and after a short, gradually steeper climb arrived at the vielle ville. This place has absolutely no suburbs and dominates the rural fields of the area. It was the weekend and many tourists about coming to seeVezlay_Hostel.gif (82555 bytes) the old cathedral. Three years ago I visited Chartres to the west with Gabe and Vezelay reminded my a lot of that location, although older and sandier and much less fixed up. It sits on the top of a big hill and has been a destination of pilgrims for centuries.

It was mid afternoon and the hostel was closed, so I had lunch at a restaurant in the place in front of the cathedral and enjoyed the warm sun. Afterwards I went to the address of the hostel manager who showed me the ancient building which was deserted. It seemed like an old school building with huge washrooms, and no repas, but I had just eaten so it was time for a good rest.

72 miles today

Cycling in France from Montargis, France to Vezelay, France

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Auberge de Jeunesse
route de l'Etang
Croix Ste Marthe
03 86 33 24 18

A map of the route I took from Montargis, France to Vezelay, France