Cycling from Aubusson, France to Tauves, France
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Cycling from Aubusson, France to Tauves, France

Another fine day of cycling in France!

This day would be the beginning of some climbing. Leaving Aubusson to the south by the D982, I was soon climbing a hill of trois fleches, or a 15% grade to les Combes on the C1, high above the Barrage des Combes, then a quick descent to Felletin. From there the D982 follows the Creuse to its source near theMy first Col cycling in France at the top of Le Massoubre Le Massoubre (815m). Not a really high one at all, but it was my first col cycling in France. What a thrill to see that sign at the top! From here I jumped on the C1 to connect with the D117 through some pretty country down to Sornac, then rode the D80 back to the D982 and into Ussel.

It was about 2PM and I went over to check out the hostel, only to find it closed up tight, shut down. It was really too early to quit for the day, so started cycling east on the D159. This road was basicallyAt the end of a day of cycling in France we saw the Hotel Lion d'Or on a plateau and looking east it was pretty flat, except for these dark stripes running north to south in the distance. These turned out to be the valleys of the Dozanne and the Dognon, sharp descents, followed by the climb back up top. At St. Etienne-aux-Clos, got the D82 and the D159 over to Confolent-Port-Dieu, where one can overlook the great valley of the Dordogne and cross the Pont d'Arpiat over to Singles. This was a beautiful lake setting with many enjoying the sunny afternoon.

A long climb on the D29 just about finished me and I was really glad to find a small hotel, The Hotel du Lion d'Or in Tauves, with a room for me. This was my first night of the cycling trip in a hotel and a chance to do some hand washing. This was a most excellent and tranquil hotel, which served a delicious repas and superbe petit dejeuner.

An account of cycling in France from Aubusson, France to Tauves, France


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Hotel du Lion d'Or
rue du 19 mars 1962
TAUVES 63690
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