Cycling from Beaugency, France to Montlivault, France
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Cycling in France

Cycling from Beaugency, France to Montlivault, France

A short ride along the C1, passing by the Çentral Nucléar to Mer, then across the Loire to St. Dyé-sur-Loire and down to Montlivault on the D951.

Gabe and I had the pleasure of visiting this hostel in 1988 and here I planned a two day break to regroup, besides, the gentle mist that I had been cycling in was getting heavier. This hostel is an old stone farm house that sits in a field just on the river side of the D951, about 2km out of town. Somewhat isolated, but one of the best in France, it is an excellent base for visiting the châteaux of Chambord (8km), Villesavin and Cheverny. There is regular but infrequent bus service to Blois, with the stop at the end of the hostel drive. There is no evening repas served here, but of course the most excellent petit dejeuner. Here you will always find a convivial bunch who enjoy drinking wine at the picnic tables in the evening. Huge, comfortable bunks and a common room with a grand stone fireplace.

Took a little spin down to Blois along the D72 during my day off here. A nice town with a magnificent château and plenty of caves for dégustation.


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Auberge de Jeunesse
Levée de la Loire
02 38 44 61 31