Cycling from Chartres, France to Beaugency, France
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Cycling from Chartres, France to Beaugency, France

The hostel at Beaugency is up the hill on the D925 about 2km. On arrival there was just enough time for a shower before a sumptuous dinner al fresco. There's much more to say about this place, one of the best hostels in France. You will not find another where the hospitality, food and accommodations are so first class. It is really too bad that this is one of the first stops on a southbound tour because the life is so good there you won't want to leave!

Beaugency, a charming medieval city. The 15th C castle at Dunois houses the Musée des Arts et Traditions de l'Orléanais (Orleans Museum of Arts and Traditions). The Town Hall (with its 16th C facade) has an exceptional collection of 17th C embroidered wall-hangings. The Tour César in the town is an 11th Century keep.


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Auberge de Jeunesse
152, route de Chateaudun
02 38 44 61 31