Cycling from Dole, France to Ballon d'Alsace, France
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Cycling from Dole, France to Ballon d'Alsace, France

After all that degustation in recent days the sluggishness was over today, the day of the Doubs. This was one of the best routes of the tour, along the white roads in the valley of the Doubs, visiting towns like Chaleze, Deluz, Esnans, L'Isle-sur-le-Doubs and Dampierre-sur-le-Doubs.

The pleasant meandering enUp to the Grand Ballonded when I reached Montbéliard and the turnoff for Belfort and started climbing up the N437 and N19. I was glad to head out of Belfort on the D465 on the way to Giromagny, where the 26km climb up to the Grand Ballon began. There were a couple of German girls that were leapfrogging me on the way up. This was a good climb on a long day, one that featured in the very first Tour de France.

The hostel had a real alpine feel to it, nice and airy with huge bunks. No repas though, and the only restaurants up there were taking advantage of their remote location. After a 121 mile day I probably should have splurged, but settled instead for a shower, blueberry tart and early to bed.

121 miles today.