Cycling from Bétête, France to Aubusson, France
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Cycling from Bétête, France to Aubusson, France

Left Bétête just at dawn and skipped breakfast there. After no real dinner the night before, was real anxious to get to a real town for some breakfast. It was real early, about 5AM when I got on the road and a thick mist was all along the road. Started cycling the D3 south through Châtelus-Malvaleix and Alain then crossed the Creuse on an old Roman bridge at St. Laurent. A really nice ride down the C1 and D16 to Ahun. From here it was cycling over hill and dale on the D18 into Aubusson.

At Aubusson, some calls to the hostels at Brive and Sarlat, in the Dordogne region, revealed that they were all booked up for the near future and it was inevitable that my cycling route turn east into the Auvergne. The hostel here is kind of modern, one of those run by the town. Dinner at La Masilla ran just over $6. 


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Auberge de Jeunesse
FJT mixte
14-C rue de Fusillés
05 55 66 13 59