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Computer Services

Connecting Your Business With the Right Computer System

Selecting the right computer system for your business is an investment in your company's growth and overall success. A computer that is suited to your business' needs will enable you to:
bulletRun Your Business More Efficiently & Cost-Effectively
bulletExpand Your Financial Management Capabilities
bulletHelp Increase Profitability

Certified public accountants (CPAs) can assist you in identifying a computer system that fits the requirements of your particular business.


Computerizing your business involves more than just going out and purchasing the latest model. It requires extensive planning and research. Before purchasing a system, make sure you consider questions such as:
bulletWhat do you expect the computer system to accomplish?
bulletWill installing the system be cost-effective?
bulletWhat are your hardware and software needs?
bulletDoes the software you need exist, or does it have to be developed?
bulletIs the hardware compatible with your software selection?
bulletWhat will the entire conversion cost you financially and in terms of time?
bulletHow can employees be trained to operate the new system effectively?

CPAs can help you answer these questions to ensure that your business is using the latest technology effectively.


Whether you are converting from a manual system or from an existing computer system, you need to evaluate your current system by reviewing the operations and identifying problem areas. For example, late and inaccurate monthly financial statements, slow turnover of accounts receivable, or frequent inventory stockouts may indicate that a system conversion should be considered. A CPA can help you focus on problem areas and set realistic objectives. As a result, you will be better equipped to select a system that can help you overcome these problems and meet your objectives.

The following may indicate that your business can benefit from a computer system:
bulletHigh clerical involvement or labor cost
bulletRepetitious or a large number of time-consuming tasks
bulletComplex mathematical calculations
bulletRecordkeeping that requires a high degree of accuracy
bulletProcessing that requires timely provision of information
bulletNeed for timely production of management reports


A properly designed computer system can help perform many of the critical business functions of your company. With proper application of the appropriate hardware and software, computers can accomplish the following:
bulletExpedite the preparation of financial statements while minimizing the potential for clerical and computational errors
bulletEnhance the process of analyzing financial and operational performance
bulletAllow you to see the effects of different financial decisions quickly by the use of electronic spreadsheets
bulletImprove your business' communications through links with other computers across the country.


Software is the term given to the application programs that run the computer. Software can be general purpose, custom-written, or industry-specific. Some of the considerations in selecting software packages are ease of use, quality of documentation, and vendor support.

Hardware must be fully capable of accepting data input, processing it, and generating output within a reasonable time.

Following are some other important factors to consider when selecting hardware:
bulletPresent and projected volume of data to be processed
bulletManufacturer support
bulletEase of equipment operation
bulletExpandability of equipment for future uses
bulletReliability of the hardware, the vendor, and the manufacturer
bulletCompatibility of printers, monitors and other peripherals

CPAs - with their knowledge of computers and businesses - can simplify the process of selecting and implementing a computer system.


Implementing the right computer system for your business requires an understanding of information technology, business planning, management information systems, and application of accounting and other controls crucial to the overall system.

As a business owner, you may not have the time or expertise to automate your company. CPAs can help you better understand exactly what computers can do for you and your business.


bulletDetermine your business' automation objectives.
bulletReview existing policies and procedures and recommend the necessary changes.
bulletDevelop software requirements.
bulletSelect software and hardware.
bulletDevelop an action plan for implementation.
bulletTrain personnel.
bulletPrepare business data for conversion to computer records.
bulletInstall the computer and software. Initiate and monitor operations of the new system.
bulletDetermine the need for system modifications.
bulletImplement modifications.
bulletEvaluate performance of the computer system and recommend the necessary modifications or enhancements.
bulletDevelop procedures for ensuring security of data.
bulletProvide ongoing support.

By blending my knowledge of your business with my experience in computer applications, I can help you select and implement a computer system suitable for your needs.